Horse 86 Sunrise .... Can you imagine? Contemporary Horse Paintings

Sunrise  9 x 12 Oil on Canvas ©Laurie Pace 2014

Sunrise  9 x 12 Oil on Canvas ©Laurie Pace 2014

Horse 86... I have 14 more to go and today is the 18th... there are not 14 days left this year. I will paint them all this year but some will post the first week of January.  I am also busy painting some large paintings for a new gallery in La Jolla, California. More as the website becomes live. Meanwhile enjoy SUNRISE, Horse 86.  

Can you imagine the glorious sunrise the morning after Jesus was born? From the descriptions in the Gospels, the night he was born there was glory all around from the stars to the manager.  Having given birth three times myself, I cannot even imagine Mary doing this alone with Joseph and feeling up to all that happened around her over the next weeks.  I wanted alone time to bond with each of my babies, but I guess she knew this was a special child. Adding that in on top of her first time to give birth and she had a lot going on in that dirty stable. 

So the inspiration for this painting was the morning after... the glorious sunrise that greeted the couple and the newborn babe.   Keep the joy alive in your heart and home as we head into the weekend ahead.

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