The HO HO HO- No No No Days and Changing Tides.

Changing Tides 9 x 6 inches Oil on Canvas Panel  ©LAURIE PACE

Changing Tides 9 x 6 inches Oil on Canvas Panel  ©LAURIE PACE

Changing Tides is one of my newest small pieces on the website.  I am not sure I will make my full 100 small paintings promised this year... hence the HO HO HO...No No No.   

I truly believe the downturn came when I lost my HO HO HO Shirt I bought at Target last month.  You can buy this painting here on my website. Click here.

An Artist without their HO HO HO  is like a fish out of water...right?    

After a week of searching and trying to figure out where it was lost in the house, Terry encouraged me to see if Target still had one online...and guess what...THEY DID!   I now had a chance to snag another one and regain my Ho Ho's. I had taken my closet apart twice, looked in the newly moved studio thinking I might have pulled it off when we were lugging everything upstairs, and we both double checked towels and sheets to make sure it was not statically connected.  I love to paint in my fun t's and esp at loved this new Ho Ho Ho shirt.

Well Changing Tides is what is happening around here now. A new Ho HO HO shirt is coming!  It has been a rough week between moving the studio upstairs, which is STILL not totally unpacked, painting the utility room ORANGE, painting the nursery for Cutie Patootie across the street a pretty blue, building shelves for me in the new studio, connecting the TV, stereo system etc upstairs for music and news, buying a new door for the garage into the utility... that was definitely due to a non HO HO HO incident, and buying unfinished oak cabinets for the utility room to hold my art sprays and larger products and shipping tools. 

Lets "ho ho ho" over the loss of the Utility Room door.  It began when we took our old dryer and three year old washer to a neighbor that needed updates. Hers were over 20 years old..these were three and  nine years old.  Terry moved my car into our daughter's driveway across the street.  He locked it and we used the truck to move the washer/dryer. We got done about 9:30 and arrived back home. I went inside through the door in question... let the dog out and suddenly I heard the car alarm going off on my car. I took off dashing back outside the door in question pulling it shut like I have done thousands of times before...NOT locking it as I was on the run... saw Terry stuck in my car with the alarms shrieking and the lights blinking and I turned to go back into the house to get my key.  THAT DOOR... it was locked. It has never been locked ever. It was locked. Not sure how I got in it or how it locked as I raced out of it, but it was not budging. By this time Terry was sprinting towards me up our driveway. I looked at him miserably... "It is locked".  In a split second he did the ninja move and the door flew open and of course was shattered in the process.  So a new heavier door is being installed with a nice deadbolt on it. Bad news, the car had to have it electronic ignition replaced (covered by warranty) but we discovered this morning it is still not working.  Cannot even begin to describe the hopeless feeling you get when you cannot start your car, open the door or the trunk.  

HO HO HO.  Can't wait till my shirt arrives!


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