Neither Black or White Contemporary Horse Paintings with Laurie Pace

Neither Black or White  36 x 36 Oil on Canvas

This painting was a joy to work on last weekend.  It had no beginning and truly could have no end, but I decided to leave it where it was because I felt the amazement of composition that just wove into this contemporary horse painting.

It was late at night when I ventured back into the studio to paint. You can tell by this image that I was working by light only.  I began to pull some of my neutral grays throughout and began to 'feel' a pattern come to front as I went next to paynes gray.  Then I came in and knifed in the whites allowing some to trail off with some of the grays.  Last came the black paint.  I left it like this over night... fighting off the urge to keep painting.  Sometimes you have to step back and let the process work for you instead of forcing things to be.

In the morning I returned and immediately saw where the horses were in the painting. I finished off their structure and then turned to color. I went with turquoise on this painting and once I worked it in, I knew I had to spice it with a slight bit of tangerine. 

I hope you know my work is filled with JOY most of the time. Paintings do not work if I am not centered in that special place of Joy with God and allowing his spirit to work through me. Painting is never difficult when I am centered in Him.  Each painting has my full attention and often I am so absorbed in painting time flies... and Terry has to come dig me out.  My Paintings are filled with God's spirit and my life with his joy.

Blessing you with Joy this day.


"The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the hear. The Commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes." Psalm 19:8