Western Longhorn, Contemporary Longhorn Painting by Laurie Pace

A bit of progress to share with the final painting. This first one is as the background begins to layer in over the foundation. This is probably five or six layers on at this point. I am working with paint chip colors, fabrics and lots of pictures to know what colors are wanted in the painting. 

At this point I have blocked in the longhorn and as you see on the final painting on top, colors are pulled on top of this area as well. 

TOMORROW starts the big giveaway for the Holidays.  Each day I will post a 'giveaway' on my blogs, my main blogger site and this blog.  All you have to do is send a CONTACT email to me to be entered for the special that day. It is free unless it is one of the larger pieces and then I will ask for help with shipping.  On the smaller pieces I cover shipping in the continental US. I will post the info each day.  See you tomorrow!