A Herd of Color, Contemporary Horse Painting by Laurie Pace

Herd of Color 2010 

This was one of my more lighthearted fun contemporary horse paintings with all the colors that make me smile.  There are times when I paint that I totally lose track of time and space enjoying the intensity of the canvas and composition before me.  My 'work' is an expression of the joy in my life. When I work I pray the joy of God is expressed through my work.  Whatever I am painting, I want to share that happiness with those viewing my work.  

Often while working I stop and take pictures and look at the images in Photoshop in reverse to know if the balance is naturally there.  When I see it from new eyes (new direction) I am able to see it in the right light or right place and observe it from outside of myself.  I am allowed to grow happier with my work each day if I behold it as a blessing. 

I can carry the joy of God into whatever I do. My work life responds to my attitude each day and if that attitude is one of joy, my total life is filled with happiness reflecting that.  

Wishing you Joy this day.  Laurie

"You shall eat there in the presence of the Lord your GOd... rejoicing in all the undertakings in which the Lord your God has blessed you." Deuteronomy 12:7