Pumpkin on a Vine by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Pumpkins on a Vine © 2013 Laurie Pace

Pumpkins on a Vine © 2013 Laurie Pace

Pumpkins on a Vine

2013 Fall

This was part of a demo for a painting class I did last fall. I need to search out and find the painting and finish it up.  It is available to purchase.

Beholding the beauty around us is not difficult in the fall. Seems like a 180 contrast from spring bursting out as fall bring about vivid colors on our trees as we watch the green leaves transform into their brilliant colors.  Autumn has arrived.

Right now the world seems like pure chaos. Between the wars, Ebola, and refugees, the daily news is full of nothing but downer news.  Many friends I know have quit watching the news for just that reason.  We seem to get overwhelmed with it all and sucked down the news tube. 

When circumstances in life seem harsh, it is time to get a new point of view.  God provides that to us. From the eclipse this past week to the spreading of color on the trees... I know he is here. 

Fall Leaves Lake Cypress Springs 2012.

Fall Leaves Lake Cypress Springs 2012.

It is the simplicity of moonlight, sunshine, red leaves, deep blue skies... that brings us back to Him. Nothing can obstruct that view if we turn to it. We can count on it.  The leaves do not struggle with their transformation, they allow God to provide what is needed. The moon is set in motion with the sun and the blue skies are a result of cold fronts coming from the north blowing south all of the ozone.  

Breathing in this beauty reminds me of God's plan and trusting in the beauty of life and the earth he has placed around me. Outcomes will be unfolding and I must be trust in Him.

God saw everything that he had made, and indeed it was very good.  Genesis 1:31

Simple abundance,