Horse 72 Trio Horse Painting Oil 8 x 8 by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Horse 72 Trio  by Laurie Pace  ©2014

Horse 72 Trio  by Laurie Pace  ©2014

Horse 72 Trio

8 x8 inches Oil on Panel

Yes... more of the spicy pumpkin colors... more on this one at least. Three fillies make a trio! Signature Painted Ponies ready for a new home!

Tuesday is always a challenge being the second day in the work week.  I have changed my painting schedule and teaching schedule to accommodate Lady L.  We have a new phonics book this week and she is flying through it.  She loves it when she gets to draw and create stories. That is what makes art so very special.  Art has been around since time began and man drew in the earth, then on walls... She did not really every draw or paint on the walls but she did take soft candle wax and using her fingers spread it like finger paint all over a window sill.  She is creative.

After the prayers for all the families tied into the Ebola quarantine, it left me with thoughts of how special family is to me.  Family is not always just the people that brought you into the world and raise you through the formative years, but it is also the extended family you have as you grow, marry and become involved with life.  Jobs, moves, life etc.. seem to take us further apart from our families and if you are like me, the times you are together are valuable.  Keeping up through phone calls is good, but seeing them in person is always best. Gone are the days of long ago when families lived close in the same town, attending the same church, helping each other out and sharing their lives.  In today's world we have to stay knitted together through our prayers, phone calls, texting and emails, sharing snap shots of moments missed. 

I know we are one in the Spirit, one with God, one with Jesus. 

"Whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith."  Galatians 6:10