Horse 71 The Gathering in Color 8 x 10 Oil on Canvas by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

The Gathering in Color by Laurie Pace ©2014

The Gathering in Color by Laurie Pace ©2014

The Gathering in Color

8 x 10 inches Oil on Board

Sunday was filled with family time in the morning at the Pumpkin Patch near Lewisville, Texas.  Lady L had her face painted with a pumpkin, we took family pictures together, rode the hay ride around the farm, Lady L did the hay maze and we pulled the wagon to find the perfect pumpkin.  Sort of a challenge when there is an acre of pumpkins to walk through.  The colors there were much like the colors in this contemporary horse painting.  Lots of oranges and yellows... dominate of course and then the other colors filtering through the crowds.  

This painting is one of my signature painted pony pulls with layers and more layers of oil paint piled on the surface.  I am trying to finish 100 small horse paintings this year, but i am a wee bit behind.  I have 28 left to paint and only seventy plus painting days left in 2014.  These are great gifts and fun to collect.... and really fun for me to paint.

With the arrival of fall everywhere but Texas... everyone else is enjoying the falling temps, cold nights and much cooler days.  I peeked ahead on the forecast and we should be seeing a good cold front in the next ten days, but meanwhile we have to take this day as a blessing and live it fully.  

The conversation in every hour always returns to the man in a Dallas hospital with Ebola.  We have all been praying for him and the family he was staying with when he arrived from Africa.  The CDC did not even clean out the apartment till almost a week after the man fell ill.  That left his girlfriend, her 13 year child and two teens exposed to the virus.  REALLY exposed.  The CDC should have removed them immediately and cleared out the apartment... not four days after he was admitted to the hospital, making it almost a week since he fell sick.  They were living in an infested environment.  The days drag as they are counted down to the hopeful 21 days of no virus... the time of incubation...but have been told by the CDC it will not be 'clear' until we get by 42 days. That will be in November.  Lots of days ahead to make a difference. 

We never know our days on this earth. We cannot spend them in worry about tomorrow and must live for today and how we can make a difference in life for others. 

"Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near;"   Isaiah 55:6 NRSVA

Shalom Aleikhem  Peace be upon you.


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