Red Shoed Pony 24 x 24 Contemporary Horse Painting by Laurie Pace

Red Shoed Pony   by Laurie Pace ©2012

Red Shoed Pony   by Laurie Pace ©2012

Red Shoed Pony

24 x 24  Oil on Canvas

Sold from Mirada Fine Art, Denver

Red shoes?  It is Sunday and Sunday is usually the dress for church day. I remember as a child my dad taking out his shoe shine kit and he would work on all our shoes on Saturday night so they were clean and polished for Sunday School and Church. My have the times changed. While I love moving forward and most of the complications that come with the "new age"... there is much to be said about the stories of old.  My stories will be shared with my grandchildren but I doubt they will pass them on to their children or grandchildren.

For me it is amazing how the Bible is filled with those shared stories from long ago. Total treasures that amazingly survived centuries to be contained into what we know as our Bible today.  The Dead Sea Scrolls were found between 1946 and 1956.  Contents of the Hebrew Bible are contained in the scrolls.   Writing down stories and journaling today becomes less popular with the use of computers and hard drives. Not teaching handwriting in schools anymore does not help the cause.  I use to journal in hand every night... but that was 15 years ago. Maybe that is something to revisit and share some of the history happening right now in our lives.  As Terry and I read in our family Bible each morning, we have begun putting excerpts in the margin of what is happening at the time we are doing our reading.  Something will be there for future generations.  We have Terry's grandmother's Bible. Annie Pace's handwriting strong and visible throughout the pages. 

Artwork is usually the second way to record history and what is happening our world.  My paintings do not exactly lean in that direction, but maybe branching out would be an inspiring thing to do...climb out of the box and try a new approach.  Maybe it is something we can all do in life... try a new approach to take today and make it count tomorrow.

Blessings and Abundance, Laurie

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