Day Two on the Monochromatic Horse Painting Laurie Pace

Day Two

Day Two

Well, it changed.  Just one night and you wake up and it is different...different flavor and message from yesterday's canvas.  There are more changes in store but this allows you to observe the process. One Horse Painting coming together in monochromatic form.

At times in this process I begin to feel that panic in the pit of my stomach. I want to literally scrape all the paint off and walk away, but something ties me to the canvas to finish what I began. The spirit with in pushes me forward to be brave and to put the energy and anxiety into the paint and this process.  This is the time to put those thoughts of anxiety and worry out of my mind and rest in the assurance that good will come from this, a higher good.  My will power cannot take over the painting; I must wait upon the Lord.. wait on the spirit inside of me to guide my focus back to the rhythm of the composition.  I only allow positive thoughts to fill my mind and focus on the colors and patterns before me. It will be revealed. I must be patient.

Tomorrow will be the final painting.

Blessings, Laurie

"Do not worry about your life." Matthew 6:25 

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