The Watering Hole Contemporary Horse Painting by Laurie Pace

Watering Hole   24 x 36  ©Laurie Pace    Private Collection Colorado

Watering Hole   24 x 36  ©Laurie Pace    Private Collection Colorado

The Watering Hole

24 x 36 inches Oil on Canvas Sold

The Watering Hole is a collage of earth tones and color and from the bounty of this richness the etchings of horses appearing through out the movement of paint.  This contemporary horse painting brings to mind the busyness of the city and where we live now in comparison to the lake where we did live.  There are so many people crammed into every and just on the street driving, that you tend to blend into the city and lose your identity. 

Sometimes I think being lost in a crowd is good and the rest of the time I would rather be NOT in the crowd and totally away from so many people. My daughter and I talked about what life would be like with out so much plugged in activity. They are even doing a new research study on women with children ages 0-36 months. They are anticipating the lack of engagement between the mom's and the children due to cell phones. 

What consumes your life?  I am desperately trying to re-align my priorities.  Even Painting has lost some of the luster because I am searching for satisfaction that seems to be missing but as always I cannot identify where the emptiness truly is.  

There is a really good book out there entitled "Is it your Money or your Life". I could not find it on Amazon as many newer books are named similar. But this book has you think about the money hours spent maintaining your look, your home, your cars... and how much time you have to work to cover each thing.  How many hours of work does it take to cover a month of groceries? How many hours of work does it take to cover your car payment?  The end conclusion was we work so hard to make money just to spend money. There is deeper richer happiness out there beyond the rat maze we are running. 

Sign this artist today ... contemplative.  Time for change. Time for adjustments in life. Time to review the true definition of NEED and WANT.  Am I strong enough to do this? What is controlling my life right now?... yah you are right, it is me.  I can make changes and with God, make changes that really count for others and not just for myself.

Blessings and abundance,


I appeal to you therefore, brothers and sisters,[a] by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Romans 12:1