No 106 Early Sunflowers by Laurie Pace

Early Sunflowers ©Laurie Pace

Early Sunflowers ©Laurie Pace

Early Sunflowers

9 x 12 Oil Sold

Standing under the trees right now with the cooler north wind... I close my eyes and feel the leaves as they fall from the trees brushing my face and hands.  Even as these leaves die and fall from the tree they remind me of the rich living bounty of God.  Some might wish it was money falling from the trees, but not me. These leaves symbolize all God gives us daily with this bounty open to us to have at any time. He continues to bless us with shared smiles, conversations, hugs, winks and many treasured moments. Each encounter me with an awareness of how blessed I truly am.

God is the very source of every need and of every good I have in my life. Praying and meditating on the good and thanking him constantly for the provision keeps me conscious of my blessings. If I stay centered in Him through my prayers and spiritual awareness of the bounty surrounding me, than I am showered with goodness. 

May this sunflowers in this painting bring you light and joy on this fall day.

Abundance, Laurie

But I, through the abundance of your steadfast love, will enter your house, I will bow down towards your holy temple  in awe of you.  Psalm 5:7