Pumpkins on a Vine, Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Pumpkins on a Vine  Laurie Pace ©2013

Pumpkins on a Vine  Laurie Pace ©2013

Pumpkins on a Vine

9 x 12 Oil

Is it black or white? No.. not really. This pumpkin painting started in shades of black and white...and slowly color was added to the painting.  

No situation in life is simple as black and white.  We are fast to judge and look at others in judgement when we do not know the entire story or the entire person.  How can you ever really know?  Slowly as you get to know a person, the "colors" or experiences begin to stand out and become real.  People are not who you see on the outside, but rather the lifetime of experiences that bring them to life...or as an artist would say, to living color.  

Pumpkins on a vine...People on the street....?

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes just like people...thankfully people have a heart and life force pulsating through them.  Take the time to get to know people. Invest in listening more and talking less.  

Enjoy your Pumpkin pie...I know we will!