At the Ocean Palette Knife Figurative Painting by Laurie Pace

At the Ocean by Laurie Pace ©2010

At the Ocean by Laurie Pace ©2010

At the Ocean

24 x 36 Oil

Right now if I ask you, "What is your goal or your vision you have in your mind for the future?" I guess it would depend on the length of 'the future'.  I was teaching Lady L (My granddaughter) about the word 'future'.  It was hard to grasp as we talked about what we would be doing in ten minutes was 'the future'.  The final outcome was that only God knows the future. He has a plan in mind for each of us. We can make our lists of goals and dream of what wonderful things we want in life, but in truth we have everything we need right at this moment in time. We have exactly what we are suppose to have.  Are we appreciating it?

If your heart and hands are not open to God, how can you receive what he has for you?

This figurative painting captures the image of a young girl on the beach staring out into the great ocean. It is almost overwhelming with it's vastness. Sometimes life can be that way too.

The faithful will abound with blessings, but one who is in a hurry to be rich will not go unpunished.  Proverbs 28:20

May Blessings surround you,