In Process - Running the Ridge at Dusk Contemporary Horse Painting by Laurie Pace

In Process Running the Ridge at Dusk ©Laurie Pace 2014

In Process Running the Ridge at Dusk ©Laurie Pace 2014

Running the Ridge in Process

24 x 48  Oil on Canvas

The sun caught me sleeping in late this morning. Very unusual as Terry and I are usually up and about by 6:00... so seeing that 7:00 on the alarm clock was a 'wow' moment.  We are so fortunate to have the flexibility to sleep in when our bodies need the sleep, but the norm is early rising for both of us.

Today I will be returning to the canvas to work on this contemporary horse painting. I am using a palette knife. I have a favorite size that I prefer and over the years it is like an extension of my body.  I must share that after I began working the first horse I did not think the painting was coming together and my mind screamed, 'start pulling the paint and go full abstract'...but the spirit within told me to wait.  Stay the course, finish the problem, solve the I am painting on.  

There are many times in life we turn and run; there are times we give up and sit down. Defeat seems inevitable, but as long as there is breath in you, you must find the light of hope that is there in the room. With this painting I had to focus on the strong structure of the composition and the movement of the horses... it is a different palette for me as well, unfamiliar to my eye, not displeasing but not pleasing either. 

Progress on Running the Ridge at Dusk  ©Laurie Pace 2014

Progress on Running the Ridge at Dusk  ©Laurie Pace 2014

What do you do in unfamiliar situations where you are uncomfortable?  If you can find that one thing to grasp and focus on, you can navigate.  God is that one thing and he has something just for you.  Look up and you will find it. 

Terry told me last night as he came to bed several alarming things about Isis and mosques here in the United States. I squirmed a bit and ask him not to share anything more till morning.  There are somethings we can choose not to deal with at certain times and politics and world threats are definitely things I avoid at night.  This morning we woke to more news of Ebola in Dallas; exposed families asked to stay home (Why not quarantined like they use to do houses?), the rapid spread of the respiratory illness among the children and teens with the report of deaths, (Some of you do not know but we lost our oldest grandson at age 11 from complications from the flu, much like this disease... he was on the mend getting well from a mild case of the flu, had seizures and died 12 hours later.), Secret Service disgraces and resignations, a President that has lost sight of reality on many issues, a constant chaotic congress, conflicting world issues, a dropping stock market, etc and the feeling of discord and unbalance across our nation. 

Finding the grace and looking to God is what we do have and we have that in abundance. Maybe it is time to stop all over exposure to the media.  We need more exposure and time with the Father. 

Peace be Upon You  -  Shalom Aleikhem - From the Father, Through the Son, In the Holy Spirit


"Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe." Proverbs 29:25 NIV

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