Bullish on TDA Painting by Laurie Pace

Bullish on TDA by Laurie Pace

Bullish on TDA by Laurie Pace

Bullish on TDA  24 x 24 Oil Gift

This is another look at the bull painting I just finished up for Morgan.  Bosses Day was October 16th... and I did not want to show the entire piece because it is a gift and not something I paint every day. I used the pulled effects in the background but I went wilder with the palette knife cutting up the paint layers on the bull itself.  If you know anything about stock you know there is a bull market and a bear market. The bull is what you want.

Most of us want a balance in life for peace and maybe some order. I crave completion on top of that. Just having time to finish something makes me smile.  To keep your life balanced and in order you must have a give and take... an ebb and tide.  There will be storms in life and waves will crash into you. The storms are temporary and they will pass.  Serenity will follow. Gentle tides washing slowly in and out lulling you to  a peaceful existence once again.  

The stock market is not any different at all. Everything I wrote above applies to it as well. Bear markets and bull markets and days of peace and no movement at all. In the grand scheme of things does it really matter? We each have a purpose for our lives and allow God to be our guide we will reach our greater good.   

    "The good person out of the good treasure of the heart produces gold." Luke 6:45

Wishing you peace and abundance.