Shades Advancing with a Touch of Blue Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

A Bit of Blue  Shades Advancing

A Bit of Blue  Shades Advancing

Still Watching over this painting trying to decide about the touch of color.  I have infused a bit of my favorite blue in this one but not sure it is it enough... what do you think?

I started on another painting that is a gift for my son, and it is in the process of coming together. I may only post one or two images because it is a gift and not something normal that I paint.  Is there a normal?

There are times we say no and times we say yes. Each of us reacts differently when asked to participate or do things with others or for others.  More often we say yes too much and it may not be 'yes' to our good or to God's good.  If we have prayed about things we make decisions based on faith and prayer. That you can always say 'yes' to.  'Yes' to prayer and 'yes' to God.

Anytime you are uncertain, take the time, be it fifteen minutes or two or three pray about the situation.  When you hesitate it proves you are unsure and it is something that requires prayer and faith in what you conclude.  His love surrounds you and embraces you to bring you comfort and peace as you come to a decision. God is always there. It is sometimes hard for me to surrender to Him and to what I spiritually feel and know is the right decision.  I found myself this past weekend struggling with a decision that I felt pulled in two directions. I knew deep in my heart that I should not take action and complete what I was supposed to do,  yet, not doing it made me feel guilty that I would be leaving someone down that I felt responsible for.  I did not do it.  The spirit inside found such peace once I let it go... I felt the peace surging through me.  

"Then he touched their eyes and said, "According to your faith let it be done to you." Matthew 9:29
May Abundance be yours...