Bullish on TDA in progress by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Bullish on TDA and Bosses Day

Bullish on TDA and Bosses Day

Yeah... not my norm...but my style...still working things out on this one and running out of time. This week one day is national Bosses Day... October 16th. My son Morgan works at TD Ameritrade and while he would normally do this himself, he came to Mom to help. (yes he paints too)  He wanted to surprise his boss with a Bull.  I do longhorns all the time but never a 'bull' so I am not doing my signature Longhorn pull but am using the wild knife with lots of color.  

I just shot images of it and brought it into photoshop and flipped it horizontally and can immediately see what needs to be done... Some of it is free, some still seems forced.  So this is what I will be working on today.  Boss will get it wet... very wet....or maybe just an image with it forthcoming. 

Morgan has loved this past first year at TDA.  He is thankful for the opportunity to serve. He follows in the footsteps of my Dad being a financial planner and helping people with their needs for retirement and the future. He has done a great job with us.  We in turn are thankful and feel graced by God to have Morgan helping us.  I miss my Dad all the time, but Morgan has taken the lead with many things Dad once helped us with. 

Every meal each day Terry and I say grace together and pray for those that need specific prayers in our family while giving thanks for our own gifts and blessings.  We realize that God is the source of everything in our lives from those personal gifts, to our family, our food...just everything.  Acknowledging Him and His blessings is so important to us and at the same time asking for His continual forgiveness. Appreciation from our heart, a blessing of gratitude makes everything each day even better.  We are blessed in every way. 

"He took bread and giving thanks to God in the presence of all, he broke it and began to eat."  Acts 27:35