Tomorrow 12 x 12 Oil

Tomorrow 12 x 12 Oil


Pure Justus Collection Figurative

12 x 12 inches, Oil on Canvas

Laurie Justus Pace

Since 2006, Laurie Justus Pace has been known and identified by her signature work of the Painted Ponies.  In 2011, she began a series of "The Good People" while painting to Jack Johnson's music for a client.  Pace took the same intensity of colors and pull with her palette knife and from it was born "The Good People".  In 2017, Pace launched a new collection of people paintings and it will go forward as "Pure Justus". Pace has done more than refine an old technique: she has started a new one taking the pulls of color a step further. Guided by an intense palette, she fuses together colors melting into each other to create interesting mixes and textures. Pure Justus is an experience in itself. * All images of the painting shown hanging are not exact size, but close in size, for demonstration only.

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