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Lady L Artist

Lady L age Two Painting Flowers


Lady L began her painting career at an early age of 10 months painting with watercolor.  By age 2 she was introduced to acrylics and by age 3, she began painting large scale pieces. She has her own easel and drawers full of her favorite colors in Acrylic Paints.  She leans to Golden Acrylics but has an equal amount of Liqutex Heavy Acrylics. 

Watch her videos below.  The newest on top. 

Buy Lady L Available Art Work Here.

Watch Andrew Swift's dedicated Song to Lady L on YouTube. She loves to paint by his music.


October 2015  Cool Purple Flower   Lady L age 6  SOLD

 Fall 2014 Pink Flower by Lady L age 5

March 2012  Blue Flower and White Daisy  Lady L age 3  SOLD

Andrew Swift is an incredible songwriter and performer.  This is a video he made JUST for Lady L. She paints by Andrew's music. 

March 2014  Lily  Painting Lady L age 5

May 2012  Two -Lups   Lady L age 3  SOLD

May 2012  Small Blessings... Lady L's version of Lorax Flowers Age 3