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The Fringe Gallery  The Fringe Gallery was conceived with the goal of reaching contemporary art buyers who are looking for a statement piece that breaks the mold of the typical paintings and prints they see in most modern art galleries. For the last decade we have been representing these 'fringe' art styles at fine art shows all over the country, as well as several art galleries throughout the US and countless online art channels.

e are now fortunate enough to bring a physical presence to one of the hottest contemporary art markets in the West, as Salt Lake City and Park City stack up with Cali, Portland and Seattle as some of the premier destinations for fine art in the US. With Utah's booming modern tech industry mixing with the rich, mountainous ski lodge history, the unique materials and finishes at the Fringe Gallery create the perfect contemporary-rustic hybrids.


The work below is available at The Fringe Gallery. They do not have clear photos up on their website of my work.  Please contact them for pricing. 

   Click here for the available ones on this website.


In the Spirit of the Paint


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