What is your shipping policy?

Once a Painting is dry to the touch, it can be shipped.  Shipping includes packaging, handling, insurance and the cost to ship on larger paintings. On the small collectible you are only charged for shipping. 


Shipping is either USPS or FEDEX.  FEDEX in the US is usually two day shipping and USPS is always Priority mail. Signature is required on all packages. 


International shipping is usually FEDEX due to the delay and time for USPS to get things out of the USA.  Signature is required on a

Is my Painting varnished?

It is sprayed with a pre-varnish for protection and in about 18- months to two years, you may opt to spray it with a final varnish once the paint is cured.

How long will it take to cure?

Every painting will take a different length of time to cure depending on how thick the paint is applied to the surface.  The estimated time for my palette knife paintings is 18 months to two years.  As oil paint dries it dries from the outside in with the heavier paints. If you apply a sealed varnish to the surface of a 'thick mound of paint', it will develop a dried skin over the top of the mound and the inside of the mound may take a full 18 months to finish 'curing' or drying out.