Collector Reviews and Comments


I can't wait for this new one to arrive. 

Your paintings make my heart so happy.  You have such a special gift not only with what you are able to create, but with how you can make others feel as a result of what you created. Shannon W.

"My beautiful art work by Laurie Pace adorns my mantle in my home. It is absolutely beautiful!

 When you walk into the room you are immediately drawn to its beauty. You can feel the warmth and love that is in each brush stroke.  

Laurie Pace is a true artisan, her work reflects energy, kindness, and her beautiful soul.  I will always cherish this painting and I look forward to adding more of her pieces to my home.
Thank you so much!
Sheila Pagano

After a long search for an artist with a distinctive style of painting, I commissioned Laurie Pace to create two large pieces for me. Laurie’s style of art captured the uniqueness of my horses; her style of art relating to the subject through color and energy brought each painting to life. “  Diane Holt, Washington, Texas

Little did you realize that  when you painted "Whirlwind" in the likeness of Elijah, where he had been told he would go to heaven in a whirlwind, you also captured on canvas the likeness of my beautiful equine companion Vista, his fiery spirit and bold personality that could make sparks fly. And like Elijah, Vista rose to heaven in a Whirlwind. I was destined to have this painting,  it takes my breath away.

Thank you for capturing the story of Elijah so beautifully on canvass and thereby expressing Vista's Whirlwind Journey To Heaven.  Cindy Spiak-Selian

"I love the depth of color in Laurie's paintings, and the energy that radiates from her art."   Pamela Meythaler, Indiana

I have been blessed to have 15 of Laurie's works. They adorn just about every room of my house, some with multiples. My very favorite though, is a set of three that she did depicting 3 of my horses. Drifter, Molly and Ben. I love all of my paintings, but this one speaks to my heart because I lost Molly almost 2 years ago. I have a big beautiful painting that I always reminisce at the beauty she was and the joy she placed into my life. Run on Molly! Be waiting for me...." Laura Prindable, Illinois


I don’t know where to begin or the words to say to express my gratitude for the lovely painting.

I’ve just been hanging out here in my living room staring at him for the longest time. 
Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with us. This will inspire me for years to come and I will cherish it always. Much love, Shannon

"Your paintings bring joy and light into my life. Not a day goes by that I don't admire the mix of colors or the strength I get when I look at them. The very first painting I bought was The Rainbow Horse and he is a constant reminder I can recover from anything and come back stronger than ever. To me your paintings aren't just art, they are raw emotion, faith and healing all rolled into one stunning package. I absolutely adore them all and can't pick a favorite to save my soul. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world." Regina Baccar

"My Painting hangs in my office and not a day goes by that some does not notice it and comment on it! It makes me smile every day!" Michele Medved

"Love my purple pansy- it is packed to move to the beach with me!!!! " Texanne Amstutz Sotack, Florida

" I have 4 of your amazing works. 2, My Precious Valentine & Journey Three First Dawn, are in my office and I enjoy them everyday and everyone who comes into my space comments on their beauty. The 2 at home, Canadian Reds and (I cannot remember the name) a wolf, are so beautiful. Canadian Reds hangs over my mantle and holds a special place in my heart as it is a symbol of life and colour and independence for me!" Sue Bornn

"Laurie, I can't tell you how much I love my Laurie Pace wall in my home. So much brilliant and wonderful color combinations that just pop, and the emotion and life in the horse paintings just stuns me. I will always treasure your work and especially my little growing collection!"  Loril Hawk

"The abstract style and colors in Laurie's paintings add interest and brighten up any room in the house. I love each one for a different reason." Ashley Gagnon

I love my painting, "June Bride". The painting holds a place of honor in my home.  I have hung it so that it is the first thing anyone sees as they enter my home.  The Bride is beautiful.  The blended flesh tones of her skin against the red flowers she carries and the setting sun she walks toward, all complement each other and evoke feelings of peace and confidence.  I realize each person who views a painting imparts their own history and feeling onto a piece. For me, the painting depicts the bride walking with confidence toward a new and healthy, beautiful life.

Laurie is a pleasure to work with.  She puts her heart and soul into her art and each piece carries the emotions of her art and skill.  I am glad to know her and work with her.  Caroline Hammond


Just got home a bit ago. The painting arrived safe and sound. It is just beautiful!

I can't stop looking at it. Hubby likes it also!  I am so grateful for you and your fabulous talent. Two Together brightens my home and I'm sure will bring a smile to my face every time I walk into the room and see it. Thank you so very much,  Elaine

"It is amazing. Breathtakingly beautiful." It is more than a painting. As Robert McKee once wrote..."A fine work of art has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place." I am drawn in by it's beauty. I can never thank you enough. Julie, New Hampshire

"I have several pieces of Laurie's artwork, several horses, flowers and a sailboat. But, this is my first and favorite piece, "The boys", it has followed me from NC to FL and now hangs proudly in my internal medicine practice's office across from my desk. I admire it each and every day, thanks Laurie, you are talented beyond words!"Jaclyn Sheri Nadler

"I have two of your small works, one hangs in the very middle of the house, and I see her darling face multiple times a day, and never tire of her beauty. The other hangs in my bedroom and greets me in the morning, and says goodnight as I turn out the light. I vow someday to own a larger original. I loved your work the first time I saw it." Jonelle T. McCoy, Oklahoma

"One Day Laurie asked me what one of my favorite things where and I told her boats. So I have a custom sailboat that she painted for me. It is the first thing i see every morning and helps me start my day out on the right foot, with a very carefree spirit, which is what a day on a sailboat is." Beth Guide

"Just look at my FB background! I sleep under it and the centre horse anchors my world!" Vivek Dadlani

"This painting has meant more to me than you know and God has used you many times to bless and bring wisdom and beauty. You are such a gift." Jess Barton

"OMG Laurie I love them all. I walk through my house and gaze at your pieces, they flood my life with joy. So much time has passed, I have some of your earliest treasures and each one is loved even more with everyday that passes." Katherine Daigle