UPLIFT . A Christmas Story from December 1991

UPLIFT 8 x 8 Oil on Panel by Laurie Justus Pace © 2018

UPLIFT 8 x 8 Oil on Panel by Laurie Justus Pace © 2018

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"Uplift"   8 x 8 on Panel
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The horse in this small piece is a mixture of what I feel inside sometimes. Conflicted and allowing outer things to invade my thoughts and peacefulness. God is our only sanctuary of peace, satisfaction and safety. It is not in the people around you or in the world around you. Peace is found by uplifting yourself to Him. Especially at this time of year... the eve before we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

As we come into this Christmas Eve Day... think back over all your Christmas' past. My favorite was the year Terry and I were first married. He was in Tulsa with American, transferring back to Alliance in Fort Worth. I flew up to be with him arriving mid day on Christmas Eve. We were preparing for a move to Argyle with his belongings in Tulsa and mine in Dallas... we were to close on our home on the 28th of Dec in Argyle and move into it on the 29th. The moving van had already loaded most of his things. Only thing left was a few boxes and a mattress we were bringing home to Texas in the back of the truck.

In Terry's Tulsa apartment, most everything was packed up and gone. We headed out about six thirty to find a tree. All the grocery stores and tree places were closed and had piled up their left over trees... we took one on the top and loaded it in the truck. Terry says it was our true Charlie Brown tree… an orphan. Next stop was the 7-11 Store... only thing open in Tulsa. Inside we found needles, thread, popcorn to pop and Fruit Loops by another brandname. We headed back to his small apartment and all the boxes. It was snowing and it was cold. We giggled climbing the stairs to the warmth with me at the top of the tree and him at the bottom. Thankfully it had a cross stand nailed into the bottom of the tree... it was there to remind me of the nails on the cross at His crucifixion. We set to work popping our popcorn and he made us some hot chocolate. We put on a radio (Yes that is all we had) and Christmas music was playing. We sat together on the couch/mattress and strung together our popcorn and cereal and then laced the limbs of our tree with it singing Carols. Terry read the Christmas Story from the book of Luke. The tree glistened from the wet branches that the snow had originally covered. The light from outside fell beautifully around the tree outlining it in a beautiful silver blue. Terry hung some of his small model airplanes he had built on the tree, carefully removing them from the boxes he had just packed them in.

We fell asleep to the beautiful Christmas music and woke about seven the next morning. The snow was still falling... and it was a beautiful sun filled morning and by 8 as we left packing up everything in his truck, but the tree. It was sad to leave this protected quietness and enter back into the real world.

This first Christmas of our marriage was absolutely the best Christmas Eve and Christmas day of my life. We headed back to Texas together to start life in our new home in Argyle, Texas.

"But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, 5 to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship." Galatians 4:4-5

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