To The Sea

Racing the Storm© 2012 Laurie Pace Golden Pond Studio Graphics One Design

Racing the Storm© 2012 Laurie Pace Golden Pond Studio Graphics One Design

“To the sea, to the sea! The white gulls are crying, The wind is blowing, and the white foam is flying. West, west away, the round sun is falling, Grey ship, grey ship, do you hear them calling, The voices of my people that have gone before me? I will leave, I will leave the woods that bore me; For our days are ending and our years failing. I will pass the wide waters lonely sailing. Long are the waves on the Last Shore falling, Sweet are the voices in the Lost Isle calling, In Eressea, in Elvenhome that no man can discover, Where the leaves fall not: land of my people forever!” J.J. Tolkien . The Lord of the Rings.

Have written a few blogs lately about women in calm waters… seems like as a mom with three, smooth sailing was always welcome but definitely not the norm. With the older two only 15 months apart and the third one four years later… it kept life on the rough side. How do you keep your destination in site with out the wind shifting you off course? In a sailboat you tack to ‘drive’ on the water. There is no motor to propel the boat forward.

Tacking, or "coming about" is the act of turning a sailboat across the eye of the wind.

A sailboat, IF I remember from our sailing days… can sail on the edge of the wind in a straight line, but if your destination is against the wind, you are jibing opposite of the tacking to do a zig zag pattern to your destination. Throw in lightning and wind… you need someone like my hubby at the helm. The last time at the lake when a storm came up… it took us 20 min to get in safely with lightning all around us and thunder shaking the trees on the shore. I was praying with my entire heart to remain calm. My mind was focused on the sails shifting back and forth and not falling from the tilt of our catamaran. We were in God’s hands as Terry sailed us home.

Different situations in life probably fill us with that same fear of loss of control, home in the distance, but seeming further that it actually is. Home is safety. Home is God. We literally cannot keep him in the distance; he gave us the Holy Spirit inside of us, so we have Him inside of us. Has to do with surrendering. Surrendering to God. That is the only way to survive the storms of this life on earth. It becomes easy once you do and you let go of all the worry and control. Rest in his strength and truth. God’s got this.

Isaiah 30:15 “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, …”


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