I am still dreaming... I still have hope.

Just the beginning using an unknown palette and trying out tools.

Just the beginning using an unknown palette and trying out tools.


“We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming - well, that’s like saying you can never change your fate.” Amy Tan  The Hundred Secret Senses

Part of my crossroads has to do with my painting.  If you get in a rut you are never growing as an artist. If you paint only what your gallery wants, you will never grow.  If you paint the same things over and over you are not growing. The past few years have put me in that position. 

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all the commissions I have done lately because there is so much of me woven into it from start to finish.  Sometimes painting just to paint right now feels dead.  

My son is with a wonderful company as their Business Director and Trainer for the entire United States.  It is Geneva Financial, LLC.   They have allowed me to be their web designer for the past year and it has been both enjoyable and rewarding working with so many really nice people. The company is one of the most unusual I have ever seen or worked with.  Respect and admiration run deep between the employees and top management actually cares about people.  So yes, if you need a house loan OR you want to refinance your home... start there. Find the state you are in or  just email me... I can tell you!  But they are all high quality caring loan professionals that offer some of the best rates you will find.  

So my painting time was cut back with the web job and I painted on weekends or early mornings and have had a balance of my life.  But in the past few months I do not want to do the same ol same ol. When I painted the flowers for my sweet friend last month, I LOVED every moment that I worked on that piece. So part of me wants to go back and do my florals with a brush.  The other part loves the work of another well known artist, and barring a different subject matter between us... I was invited to do a mentor period under her. This sort of will determine my art in the next six to eight months.  I will be doing some flowers for my brushes and also be experimenting with many new tools and concepts she has suggested. 

I am further on the above work I posted, but will be posting the painful  (and it does get ugyly) and the beautiful as I progress.  Actually today... about a week in, I am beginning to really learn some things about myself and my art and that has been amazing.  Hang on with me on this journey and hopefully by the end I will have taken my direction at my crossroads... and if not, I have a lot of paint I need to sell if I discontinue painting!  I am still Dreaming... I still have hope. 

"Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope." Psalm 119:49