Silent Velvet Footsteps

Blue Velvet  8 x 10 Oil on Birch © Laurie Pace 2019

Blue Velvet 8 x 10 Oil on Birch © Laurie Pace 2019


“A silent velvet footstep filled me, unwelcome yet so needed. You finally found my hidden shore with grains of time and ocean of the most secret secrets, violet and red; left a trail of deep blue footsteps on my glowing beach of soul, and no matter how many times tides wash the golden sand anew, your prints can never be erased. Each one a shining star in my quiet Universe...”  Oksana Rus

Sometimes keeping silent and not reacting to words pointed at you is the better choice. We often are faced with negative comments or angry words leveled to us with the intent to make us feel less than we are. Seems to be the point of being ‘in’ to shame someone or use negativity to slam them.

When I was growing up as a youngster, I was taught to not speak if I could not make a positive contribution. It was not my ‘roll’ as a child, or teen, or even an adult, to stir pots or participate in attacking others. My parents would not have stood for it.

Our children and young adults are front and center watching the demoralizing stage of adults in our congress and Hollywood and everywhere else around town. There seems to be a twisted ‘good’ in creating such negativity.

Today in my morning study I read about standing with Christ in my center. Words cannot harm me. Words do not define me. To allow someone into your brain for their pure pleasure of trying to torment you or punish you with wicked words, is forgetting Christ is in you. The Holy Spirit is right there guarding you and your heart. Stay centered in the Lord. Take a breath and hold it in and feel the Spirit filling you with love.

Why would people dislike you or want to strike out at you?

  • You have something that they do not have that they feel they should have.

  • They have the need to put you down to feel good about themselves.

  • They are filled with bitterness about something.

  • They want to be the center of attention.

  • They have lost sight of contentment.

  • They stop counting their own blessings and started counting the blessings of others.

Galatians 5:25-26 “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.”