Alone Time . . .

Lonely Boy

Lonely Boy

“I restore myself when I'm alone.”  Marilyn Monroe

At times in my life being alone was terrifying and other times I craved it. When I was younger, there were times I was really uncomfortable being alone. What I have learned in the past years is that silence and alone time builds a strength in understanding who I am, and that I can be comfortable in my life as this person created by God. Perhaps when we master the solitude of aloneness and quiet, we begin to find our self worth.  

Too often in life today, we are pushed by our own thoughts and needs to finish or accomplish things. We all set goals that are unattainable and our self reflection is then that of failure when we do not reach them.  Why do we make life a race? Why do we spend our days chasing after meaningless things trying to be 'all' to everyone, except to God and to ourselves. 

Your life should not be about trying to finish everything, but about enjoying the journey in life while it lasts.  Aloneness will allow your mind to ease into a slower mode and time to relax and unwind in your thoughts and your actions.  

Many of us are part of a family and 'alone time' is rare.  I am of the mind between social media, television, news media, and our political climate... we are rarely 'unplugged' and even that keeps us from being totally alone. If you can find that small window of 'quiet and alone', unplug at the same time. 

In reflection, the older I am, the more I realize, I truly can never be alone because the Lord God is with me. He goes before me. He will not leave me or forsake me. I will not fear or be dismayed.  Deuteronomy 31:8