Does this Horse Resemble Terry?

Determination 8 x 10 Oil on Cradled Birch © Laurie Pace 2019 Pure Justus Collection.

Determination 8 x 10 Oil on Cradled Birch © Laurie Pace 2019 Pure Justus Collection.

“He that can have patience can have what he will.”  Benjamin Franklin

Does that horse resemble Terry?

Today, Terry took me shopping to find something ‘dressy’ to wear to an event this weekend. After loosing more weight since Thanksgiving, my closet only has jeans and tops in it… and some sweaters. Most every thing is swimming on me.

The word dress or any form of it emerging into dressy does not exist. He was in full determined game, but we should have gone to the mall and not to the Southlake Town Center.

He was more determined than me.

We started at Anthropologie ( I think that was the name of it.) Wonderful bright island colors and some of the nicest personal helping you and matching things up. Problem was I am an artist with an addiction problem to color and this was worse than being in a candy store. So it was from this land of color candy that I ended up at the stayed and conservative Ann Taylor and very disappointed with the lack of stimulation. I stayed too long trying on four things that just did not wow me.

We took a short cut back to JJill where I started, originally visiting with store Manager Mandy… who I had spoken to for recommendations where to find what I was looking for. JJill has wonderful everyday, casual dressy and good slouch clothes, especially their Pure Jill line. I side tracked to Chico’s. I have not shopped there in years. The first woman that helped me did not get the word ‘organic’. I am a very non fuss person about clothes. They should be functional and comfy. Right? After a bright beautiful pink dress, that I could wear this weekend and maybe Easter, and one black floaty long skirt…they had zero tops that the woman could find for me. I am not an EAT AT JOEs girl… I want classic. As I change back into my clothes for the eighth time, she knocked on my door and said she enjoyed helping me but she was gone for lunch. As I exited the room, I found Marilyn.

Marilyn looked like a soul sister in her cute boots, trench type pants and layered tops, oh yes, and she had TWO pair of reading glasses on her head! She had loved the black skirt when she saw it on me and I mournfully said, “But no tops.” Within three minutes, she handed me a gorgeous long sleeve dressy sweater to put on the chiffon long skirt and she grabbed a beautiful tapestry type belt and pulled it around my waist. WOW. Marilyn sold me!

Terry’s determination paid off big time and everything was on sale! He told me next time we were going to Northpark to shop. More stores closer together. I think we walked a few miles in the town center. We also just returned from a mile or more walking Annie a few minutes ago. Add that to the 2 miles this morning on the treadmill… it is a day full of determination. (BTW… I am going to post this tomorrow morning… so you will read it the morning after.)

Numbers 6:24“ ‘ “The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.” ’