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Make a Safe Space for your website on Squarespace with web designer Laurie Pace

“I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.” Jane Austen

Keep trying to rev up on this blog again, but time eats away and family always come first. Resilient women are the fabric of our society. Women are the homemakers, the workers, and child raisers. Lastly they are themselves… a woman with needs and desires. I have them and I am sure you do as well.

I have an incredible daughter that is one of the most resilient women I know. My Mom is a resilient woman as well. God created every woman with their personal gifts and the amount of resilience that needed for their life. Some are a bit ‘testy’ and some are more ‘loving’.

What we all need to find is that safe space in our lives. Where we can be ourselves and nurture ourselves. I believe God is always there for me and it is in Him I seek my safe space.

In a few weeks I am launching my new business for website design. It is not a completed website yet, but once it is, I will share it. I have been doing this since 1982. A long long long time. Squarespace is the easiest platform to be creative on and keep your website filled with your branding and your needs so it does not look like other websites.

Tie that in with a strong CRM and email marketing… and you’ve got it all! Keep a look out for the new Visual Language Design website in a few weeks.


Laurie Pace

Coming soon:

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