The Color of Wind . . .

“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.” William Shakespeare

The wind in our lives can sometimes feel soothing. The wind in our lives can sometime usher in storms. Who controls the wind? He does. So when we are sailing smoothly through our lives, we often forget the wind may change at any time; it could bring calm and peace, or the rush of storms.

We have very little 'control' in our lives when it comes to life. We have choices and sometimes those are good and sometimes they are not. The one major thing we can control is our reactions to the events in our lives. We can always count on change.

One other thing in my family that we can count on, is each other. I have watched over the years as my now adult children, all totally different in views and life, support each other through the thick and the thin. Not many friends actually step up to do that... the faithful ones that love you and stay by your side through the good, the bad and the ugly... they are a blessing.

A storm hit unexpectedly in my life today. It was not on the forecast for the day, or something I could have even seen coming. It definitely is a game changer for Terry and me. When it first hit, I truly felt release. Strange huh? Suddenly I felt like the 'change' would open up new things, and instead of feeling overwhelmed by the storm, I turned my thoughts to the joy of anticipating what is to come.

The winds of change... my constant is GOD. He has this.

"But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and the livestock that were with him in the ark, and he sent a wind over the earth, and the waters receded." Genesis 8:1