If you meet an Angel . . .

Spring Fever (sold) © Laurie Justus Pace  2014

Spring Fever (sold) © Laurie Justus Pace  2014

“If you meet an angel, you will have not peace, but a fever.”  Stephano Benni

Wow was my thought when I grabbed this photo from the archives for the journal today.  It not only holds strong with color, but with movement and body as well.  At least I am painting again this week and will have more new things to share.

When you get inspired, do you not get in a hurry or want to get going quickly on what ever you were inspired to do?  I am that type of person. I love completion and you have to get through things to reach completion.  What do you like?

 "LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me."  Psalm 30:2