The Many Phases of Life - learning to let go and move on.

“There were hundreds of them spread across the floor, each telling its own tale of triumph or sadness, each letter representing a phase in her life. She had kept them all.”  Cecelia Ahern

Change is inevitable.  Acceptance is necessary because you do not have control of change. Your only choice is acceptance and moving forward.  The photo is from an article in an online magazine called Voyager Dallas.  You can read the article here.   These are photos of me through my adult life almost every five to six years. We constantly change... and I am at that point with my art and my life. Letting go. 

If you can learn to move forward, you will benefit from all change in many ways, perhaps even change you do not like.  Acceptance brings with it less worry and stress and way less energy drain from laying awake at night trying to figure things out. With an open positive attitude you are able to embrace change both good and bad. From this will grow a greater appreciation of life and a deeper sense of gratitude and joy. Final line is, you will be a more compassionate person and look at things differently. 

You cannot move on if you cannot let go.  Think I wrote about that in my newsletter this past week. Back almost twenty years ago, I had a dream of me walking through some woods and I was wearing my painting overhauls. LOTS of pockets. I was finding all sorts of beautiful rocks and smooth stones and stuffing my pockets full of them. As I came through a clearing there was a lake and in it people I knew that were swimming and floating and enjoying themselves.  I eagerly pushed ahead into the water and realized I could not float or swim because my pockets were so heavy.  I turned back and sat on the shore so disappointed that I was missing out on the entire experience. 

Suddenly I stood up and took off those overhauls. I did not remove the rocks, I shed the clothes and happily made my way into the lake. That is when I noticed those that were in the lake, were all naked and without 'rocks'. 'clothes.' 'shoes'. or other burdens.  As I laid back to float I noticed for the first time the huge masses of people that were on that beach with me that I had not noticed.  All of them in overhauls with pockets stuffed full of rocks.   

Time to let go and let it ALL GO.

Not to make light of it, but we all need fine tune ups on our coping skills and our expectations. Then we need to make change a meaningful experience that we actually move forward stronger.  The world we live in is massively charged with electronics and we are invaded by people and news filling us with negative messages, getting in the of life and satisfaction, often feeling like we failed. 

It is time to set new thoughts into motion for things that are simple but bring deeper contentment to your life. Life will continue to take unexpected turns and you may have to change your trajectory, but it is in your best interest. If you cannot change something, just move forward and do not let it pull you down. Do not focus on what you do not have, focus on what you do have. 

What do you need to do in your life?  For me, Facebook is rare, TV is almost non existent, eating heavy foods is rare, and worrying about life is something I have given up.  How about you?

"Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me. " Isaiah 46:9