I had this dream... life was a rolling canvas.


“I had this dream that my life was a rolling canvas. Everyday it rolled off the sheet, bleached white, into the beach of my life. Come sunup, I'd begin to paint it with my thoughts and actions. My breathing, my living, and my dying. Some days the pictures pleased me, maybe pleased others, pleased God himself, but some days, some months, even some years, they didn't, and I didn't ever want to look at them again. But the thing is this . . . every day, no matter what I'd painted the day before, I got a new canvas, washed white. 'Cause each night the tide rolled in, scrubbed it clean, and receded, taking it's stains with it. And my dreams . . . I just stood on the beach and watched all that stuff wash out to sea.- Nothing more than ripples in the water. No canvas is ever stained clean through. Not one.” Charles Martin Chasing Fireflies

I think every artist gets excited seeing white paper, white canvas, clean place to make a mark or paint the next incredible painting.  My heart beats faster when I start something out on white, but the first thing I do is mess it up with under painting of words, more gesso and layers of paint.  But we all know it started white and clean.

Do you have any stained linens?  I know in my first six or seven years of marriage, I attempted to bleach not just diapers (Yes, I used real diapers with all three of my babies)  I figured good on the diapers, bleach could help the chocolate stain on my white shirt, or the grease stain on my husbands work shirts.  I found out the hard way that is quickly turned to area a color that was not white when I spotted the bleach on it. Sort of a weird yellow in fact.  So my wise mother suggested I tea dye things, and you know what... it works.  So if your white tablecloth and napkins get to the point of stains, you can easily tea stain them and still have a beautiful new set to use. 

If you add four to five black tea bags to a large clean of hot water, you allow the tea to steep for about 10-15 minutes. After you remove your tea bags, add the items you are bleaching to the warm water and lightly stir them and monitor the color changes so you can pull them out at the right color you want. Make sure you swish the water in the bucket allowing the fabric to be penetrated by the tea brewed water.  

Next you allow it to set and dry. This allows the color to 'set' in.  Only after everything is dry, you then wash it all in COLD water. The linens or clothes should have a beautiful antique look.  

Makes me remember tye dying back in the sixties. May have to do a t-shirt soon with my granddaughters!  If you try this, send me a photo to share of your new things, be it clothing or linens.

3 John 1:4  "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."