#ChristmasColor #ContemporaryHorsePaintings Indian Paint Pony

Just for the holidays "Indian Paint Pony"
in a 36 x 36 inch giclee print for only $225.00

Giclee Print Available Here

Available Paintings by Laurie Pace 

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I am meeting myself coming and going but that is a good thing sometimes. I am excited to be offering some limited edition prints of a few paintings from this year, and Indian Paint Pony is one of those offered at this tremendous price for a 36 x 36 inch painting. #ChristmasCelebration #ContemporaryHorsePainting 

I cannot believe that Christmas is a mere 4 1/2 days away. Then I cannot believe it will be 2019 in less than two weeks.  I am not ready. I still need to buy paints, canvas and supplies for the new year. I am not mentally prepared to close out this year.... and I wonder if Mary and Joseph ever thought, "I am not ready for the birth of this baby...the responsibility of raising God's son."

We should be centered in the celebration of the birth of God's son.  Our minds should be focused on how it all came together with the angels, the shepherds, Mary heavy with baby riding the long journey on a donkey, ... but wait how was Joseph really dealing with all of this? He does not have a 'speaking' part in the Bible, but he has one of the main positions in all of this... his faith was unwavering.   He believed God. He believed the angel; he married Mary knowing she was with child. He walked in God's light and grace as the chosen father for God's son here on earth.  God specifically chose Joseph and Mary to be the parents of this wee baby and bring him up with God's love, following God's laws and setting forth the strong foundation that only parents can provide. Yet, we do not hear much about Joseph in the Bible as Jesus was born, and not anything as he grew... and it was not until Jesus was 12, that we hear about Joseph again. Joseph fulfilled the role of Jesus' earthly father with all the love any man could have for his son.  As his protector, provider and teacher, he raised Jesus with out any reservations. God provided Joseph with all he needed for this role in his son's life. Without wavering, Joseph was granted the needed gifts from God to raise this boy to be our Savior. 

"... in quietness and trust is my strength..."  Isaiah 30:15