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Brightly Done... Colorful Painted Ponies... would you like one?

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Available Paintings by Laurie Pace 

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The colors in this painting remind me of the colors of Christmas... the full spectrum of God's creation and glory.  Truly a gift to my eyes to see color as it plays against each other. 

Today was our three year old Grandson's Christmas Program at school.  He arrived at our house about eight and we left for school about 30 min later.   It was a packed church and they delayed the program 15 min setting up more chairs.   We have watched him in Christmas and Spring programs for two years now and finally today he was brave enough to do ALL the hand motions AND he sang!!!   We took videos and photos and joined him for the class party afterwards.  

I believe one of the highly cherished gifts from God are our children and grandchildren and we are blessed to live next door to the three year old, and only three or four blocks from our two granddaughters.  Work has not been at the front of my mind this week... not painting, or my web responsibilities... it has totally been family and the Lord's calling as we walk closer to him through Advent. 

Would love to hear from you the gifts you celebrate daily. God is good, all the time, God is good. 

When I think of the Gifts of Christmas… I think of the Gifts of God.