Start Being Yourself . . .

"When you stop pretending to be who you are not and start being yourself, there is a big risk: significant people in your life may not accept you and leave.  Yet, when you stop being yourself and pretend to be who you are not, there is a much bigger risk; the people who would accept and love you just as you are, may not accept you and leave." Franco Santoro

How do you get back to being genuine and 'You'?

  1.  Can you remember what you love to do? Then go and do it. Things will flow easily in your life if you are fully engaged in the moment and love what you are doing.  We are always burdened with life responsibilities that pull us down sucking our energy.  You cannot walk away from them, but you can make time for investing time in doing things you love.
  2. Adventure always provides an avenue to explore and reconnect with life.  Again it allows you to tap into the flow of life and provides time for you to focus and reacquaint yourself with who you are and what you love to do. You being to see things through fresh eyes.
  3. Did you have dreams before?  Maybe you should reconnect with your dreams and not the dreams someone else has for you. Writing in a journal provide the space for you to write all your feelings and express to yourself what inspires you, or what takes you down.
  4. When I teach art, I always say, Art Begins at the END of your Comfort Zone.  Well life does too. I am guilty of that. I pull back from doing things I should.  But challenging yourself is good for rediscovering your strength.  Stretch yourself out of your safe space and you will discover courage you have forgotten you have. 
  5. My favorite is this one. I learned this when praying... get quiet and listen. All around you you will notice things you have missed that may trigger action inside of you. God's Divine guidance helps each of us move forward in our lives. Listen more. Talk less.
  6. Inside each of us is a power that is born in us. Some people can power themselves through depression and loss easier than others, but that does not mean they are dealing with the situation. Powering through is accepting the fact that you are weak first and then finding the things that empower you naturally. I use Bible verses and affirmations.
  7. Lastly... if you cannot work through finding yourself again, you need to talk to someone. It should be someone you trust. Sometimes voicing things opens new doors in your mind and actions.  

Overall, for me, journaling handles much of my authentic self. My journal knows it all and there are many of them by now... and probably a bonfire in my future.  

This painting is entitled Golden Boy.  I had painted a Golden Boy ten years ago... and I was after a flavor of that one when I started the first piece i shared yesterday but I wanted to use different colors.  You saw what happens with fraud...the artist paints over it. I did not capture the feeling of Golden Boy one.  It is never good to try and repaint a painting.  Tomorrow I will share the original Golden Boy.

Proverbs 4:18 "The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day."