Drink the Wild Air . . .

Quiet Horizon  36 x 36  © Laurie Justus Pace Graphics One Design

Quiet Horizon  36 x 36  © Laurie Justus Pace Graphics One Design

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." Ralph Waldo Emerson


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This was a haunting painting for me. I did work on it quite awhile and I think I even posted it.  It may or may not make it as it is... I am itching to work it over even more.  If for some reason you like it as it is, email me.   Tell me why you want it, and it is yours for $400.  It is a 36 x 36. Something just will not let me paint over it... so the $400 covers the canvas and paints and depending on where you live... shipping should not be over $50. 

Meanwhile... I can tell you why it is important to think about having it in your home or office. 

The Beach

  • If you make it to the beach... at least put your toes in the water... and if you can manage your body, do it. The salt in the ocean heals any nicks, cuts or scrapes. 
  • Take a walk.  A walk on the beach is very cathartic.  You relax, you are lulled by the waves crashing the shore and the water tickling your toes.  The sun is full of vitamins as you walk in it. There is no place you have to be, so relax, drop all the worries and walk in the sand.  Soak up the Vitamin D.
  • The Sand is a natural exfoliant.  There are over 4000 nerve endings in each of your feet and when you walk across the sand, they all react to the touch. The closer to the water you walk, the better for your feet.  You shed about 50,000 skin cells every minute when you do this. 
  • The sun and the sounds and the water all have been proven to decrease any depression you might have.  The amount of sunlight you have daily determines your mood. Another reason for me NOT to be sitting here typing. 
  • The ocean itself is full of anti-aging minerals that can counter the decline of your skin's elasticity. 
  • The beach encourages you to DEPLUG your life and let go of stress... you can just sit on the beach and watch nature all around you. No EMF's here. Leave that phone somewhere else. 

"Worship the Lord your God and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will will take away sickness from among you."  Exodus 23:25