Playing in Sunlight . . .

Sunlight Play  © Laurie Pace   2012

Sunlight Play  © Laurie Pace   2012

I want God to play in my bloodstream the way sunlight amuses itself on the water."  Elizabeth Gilbert 

I think I reached that over saturation point of worrying too much.  I think I hit the wall. I know there are others out there in much worse shape. I only have to listen to the news to arrive here. 

Today’s world is a frightening place filled with scary things. At the same time the bible promises me that God is able to protect us and help us and often He has to use miracles to do it. I hang on to my faith this day; I know and acknowledge His assurance that He is at work in my life and in the lives of those around me. Our country is in a free fall downwards. This nation has slipped so far into the ‘It’s about me…” mentality that people have forgotten the foundational needs of civility.

I know often God will push us off a cliff and want us to find our wings and fly…but most of our nation is plummeting downward to death.  They do not have God in their heart.  God is there watching, ready to sweep in and protect us that do. 

Terry and I were driving over to my Mom’s home and passed a ten-year-old at the crosswalk with her foot scooter.  It hit me suddenly and I spoke out, “DO YOU REMEMBER??”   Terry looked over and smiled at me… “DO I remember what?” 

We were passing by the junior high where we went to school together and the STEPS out front where we gathered daily.  “Do you remember being 10 and you only had to obey your parents, do your chores and make your grades at school?  There was no paying of bills, balancing accounts, mowing and watering the yard, cleaning the house, scrubbing toilets, doing wash… cooking, cleaning… do I need to say more? I would not change where I am right now in life, but I might want to think about letting go of more things and simplifying even more than we have.  That includes trying to stay clear of media and not worrying. I cannot change anyone. I can only change how I react to things around me. Too much stuff in your life?    

"Keep me safe, O God, for I have come to you for refuge." Psalm 16:1