The Wild Horse in Us . . .

Horse 79 Summer Horses 2012 Sold by Laurie Pace © graphics one design 2012

Horse 79 Summer Horses 2012 Sold by Laurie Pace © graphics one design 2012

“Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us.” Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room

I agree our nature is renewed day by day, but I also need my sleep by night. That certainly recharges my batteries. I read somewhere that your ‘day’ begins the night before when you climb into bed.  Think about that.  So when you pull up those covers you are setting the stage for what you now think of as tomorrow.  

Every new day/night brings to you a new change and a chance to choose a new path. You can begin again. If you chose to start this as you climb into bed, you realize then, your day is over. The night ahead is for tomorrow.  Forgive and forget what needs to be left behind and begin anew as you turn in tonight. Every day I have intentions to do things and they slowly fall to the side as priorities step in front of them. Sometimes I feel at the end of the day I am further behind than when I got up.  But I do not want this to affect my sleep tonight.

I will aspire to be an expression of my Father. Generosity shall be upfront today, mingled with love and kindness.  He will support me as I go through this night and the new day.  God will not fail me. He will support me as I endeavor to be centered in Him throughout this day and sleep in his love tonight. When I need an "attitude adjustment", I know He will gently remind me to recheck and realign my thoughts and intentions. With every breath, every word and every encounter you have a new beginning today and tonight.

"Our inner nature is being renewed day by day." 2 Corinthians 4:16