Four Spirits - One Canvas

Fall 2015

In the beginning there was this.  I began the painting back in February of 2015 as a first paint in the new studio.  One strong horse appearing dressed in the bright colors of an acrylic palette. Paint simply would not move without being controlled.  I was in the way of the process. The Painting never had a name.

It was filed in the closet as I could not find the strength or personality I wanted.  I wanted something more than I was seeing.


 Forward to the fall of 2015.

I was experimenting with color on the surface of the piece above and a loose idea in my head of direction.  I actually began with a color palette foreign to my normal choices.  

I fell in love with the greens and the lighter violet/purple shades and truly felt a full heart as I laid in the color and the movement for the underpainting.  At this point I am working intuitively with color and balance on the surface of the painting.  I work on the underpainting in acrylics to give me a beginning plan or idea to the personality of the painting. 

If you think about in life having those moments of 'a hah' than you know where I hope to be when I am done and preparing to move to oils. 


Sometimes at this point I can see horses beginning to emerge but not here... I loved it for the color movement. I was done...or thought I was. More life ahead.  Then was born the painting I entitled LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.  But I never finished it. 

So one bright hot early fall day, I grabbed my oils and stayed too true to my old palette bringing in the Indian Yellows, Russet Reds and Brilliant Blues...  and the painting SOCIAL CLIMBERS was born.   I cleaned up the studio that night thinking... WOW... finally the white horse had evolved. 

d3  Social Climbers 30 x 40 L Pace Oil .png

Oh woe was the morning when I arrived back in the studio and took a long look at Social Climbers and thought... NOPE I can't love it.  I grabbed a knife and began stirring the paint on the canvas directly... moving and moving it around seeking some type of balance or credibility. 

The colors did not dim at all in the process and I revisited my red shoed painted pony from several years ago.  From the direction of the paint by this time I had close to fifty tubes emptied on the canvas.   I was carving and wading through the paint by this time.

Dancing Till Dawn with the Red Shoed Painted Pony 2015 © Laurie Pace

Dancing Till Dawn with the Red Shoed Painted Pony 2015 © Laurie Pace

Dancing TIll Dawn was born with the spirit of strength never looking back and only moving forward.  The painting was recently shipped to La Jolla Gallery in La Jolla, California and is available to purchase. 

Not all of my paintings go through this type metamorphosis but I love it when they do because I am SURE of the piece when it is done.  It has the depth and direction and the experience of the paint layers. 

Until the next STORY TIME... paint on.  Laurie