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"Viewing a Laurie Pace Painting is a rich experience that drips with color and emotion.  Her passionate works are alive with movement and texture boldly created with a palette knife. Constantly pushing the edge, she loves working in oils, dramatically carving out the thick paint, fluid with color and bursting with energy."

Steve Sonnen, Mirada Fine Art


Horses - love in motion. Energy, color and passion.

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Look - book  


noun - a set of photographs displaying a fashion designer's new collection, assembled for marketing purposes.

See a few below but CLICK HERE to see the album of pieces inside my collector's homes.  Imagine how one will fit into your home. 



Represented by Top Galleries throughout the United States, you can discover and enjoy Laurie's unique artwork - thick paint, fluid with color and bursting with energy.



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Wolves wild and free.

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Every Second Holds A Lifetime of Inspiration

Commissioned Paintings: I must confess I have an addiction issue.  

My paintings should be your first clue.  I am addicted to color.  I like it in all shapes, sizes and shades; and in any amount. Color is filled with energy and that energy feeds my passion and is the foundation of my work.  

I would love to paint something special just for you... and spread some of the color and energy into your life.

Let's begin your painting today.

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FLOWERS - gently filled with soft color and lots of love.

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Collector's Comments

"It is amazing. Breathtakingly beautiful. It is more than a painting. As Robert McKee once wrote..."A fine work of art has the power to silence the chatter in the mind and lift us to another place." I am drawn in by it's beauty.  I can never thank you enough.” Julie

"Your paintings bring joy and light into my lifeNot a day goes by that I don't admire the mix of colors or the strength I get when I look at them. The very first painting I bought was The Rainbow Horse and he is a constant reminder I can recover from anything and come back stronger than ever. To me your paintings aren't just art, they are raw emotion, faith and healing all rolled into one stunning package. I absolutely adore them all and can't pick a favorite to save my soul. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world."  Regina


Laurie Pace Art

An organic collection on Birch wood. 

Available Paintings

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Studio Journal

Join me in my studio each day. You can stop by daily to read and catch up up my thoughts, musings or just plain daily jabber.  We journey through this life together and I love sharing with you and hearing from you. You bring spirit into my studio with your emails and comments. Come join me and sign up for my Monday Morning Journal which arrives in your email once a week. Sign up here. 



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Laurie Pace

A Texas Contemporary Artist

As splintering light fractions into thousands of colors, Laurie's journey in life has encompassed many careers: from runway model to graphic artist, from musician to singer, from teacher to artist. She believes the greatest influence in her life is the beauty God provides daily.  

A degree in art, ten years with an advertising agency, and thirty-seven years teaching art have brought her full circle to top honors at international art shows in oil, watercolor and photography. Constantly pushing the edge, Laurie presses in her work to celebrate and discover. Her compositions are fluid, with color and dimension setting the pace for a unique painting journey each time.  

Her artwork has been published and featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and books. She has been a featured artist in Western Art Collector, Appaloosa Journal,  American Art Collector, Cowboys and Indians and the Dallas Morning News. Her work has been published on the covers of Appaloosa Journal and The  Sighthound Magazine, as well as on several yearbooks, publications and music CD's. Read more.