White Wind 12 x 24

White Wind 12 x 24


Pure Justus Collection

Oil on Birch Cradled Wood

12 x 24 x 2 Birch Wood.

Glazing and paint allowing the beauty of the wood to be a part of the composition. Second in the Series. The name was chosen from the inspiration of a 'White Horse Plain'  You can read the legend here. 


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"Going back to the root and heart of painting when I was younger, the PURE JUSTUS COLLECTION is a part of that exploration and play that took part in my earlier years of painting, which began at age 11. Now, hopefully wiser with years of painting through my life, I want to revisit the simplicity and joy of when it all began. 

While I am unsure of what will be included, I can only assure you it will be something that I love to paint and approaching the composition and painting with new eyes and not the same old approach. "  

Laurie Justus Pace